Giving at EFCA

Guidelines for Electronic Funds Transfer

  • When using electronic funds transfer, enter this information.
    Most of the bank’s electronic funds transfer will allow the user to enter information about the transfer. If you are not sure, please check with your bank. If you can enter the transfer information, please enter the following format:

[Church] will be the following code:

EM – if you are participating in the English Hall of the
YM – if you are attending SWITCH

[Item] is represented by the following code:

GF – such as donation is used for regular expenses
MF – if the offer is used for mission fund
CBF – if the offer is used for church building fund
TSF – if the offer is for the student student scholarship of the
BF- benevolent fund

Also add whether you’re from 11am or 5pm service

eg giving to General fund from 5pm service—> EM/GF/5pm

Each transfer is limited to one item. To donate to multiple projects, please transfer separately for each item.

The church bank account information is as follows:

Bank Bank Name Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB Number
Account No account number
Account Name
Evangelical Free Church of Australia Inc



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