How you can pray for us

Hi all

As we’re about to depart, we’d love you to pray for us, Hoi Yan and the Japanese people.

For Japan:

  1. Pray for revival in Japan, for spiritual breakthrough. Remember the leaders, especially Prime Minister Abe.
  2. Pray for the unity and cooperation among churches.
  3. Pray for leaders and pastors to live out and model holiness. Their struggles in little church growth and financial stresses.
  4. Pray for a holistic witness in society by believers. Protection for Christians in spiritual battle.

 For OMF Japan

  1. Pray for OMF’s direction and new structure in Japan.
  2. Pray for their works in raising Japanese Christians becoming pastors/evangelists as well as Christians seeking to be salt and light where they work.

 For Hoi Yan

  1. Pray for Hoi Yan and the team, to relate to all church members with humility and love.
  2. Pray for her participation in the OMF International Gathering and for safety in travels.
  3. Pray for opportunities to be involved in the community and with her non-Christian contacts (the Miyazakis, her neighbours downstairs; Miyuki, owner of a bakery)

 For the team members: Pastor David Chen (and Samuel), Jimmy and Vivian Wong, Anita Chau, Isaac Lee, Naomi Zhen, Calvin Chung and Philip Cheung

  1. Pray for safety in travels.
  2. Pray for the unity and harmony among members.
  3. Pray for all the preparation works, the programs for English camp and kids camp.
  4. Pray for the testimony sharing to churches.
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