Day 2: Boys become men, and girls stay girls

The Real Stuff

Sup guys its day 2 andddddd right now we’ve just finished a day of orientation at OMF Japan in Sapporo. Its been a really eye opening experience since we’ve began. Coming from Sydney, I’ve come to realise how blessed we are as we are rich in resources and gospel centred teaching. DSCF5738

It’s really apparent how lacking Hokkaido is in terms of available young pastors there are and comparatively low amount of church going Christians. In addition there is a lack of evangelism that is going out towards students and young people, due to stigma of religion as a “cult”. Obviously this is starkly different to the big campus groups we have at universities around Australia. Even though there are low numbers of Christians and a lack of resources, over the past couple of years there has been evidence of God working through the northern region of Japan. There have been a number of new churches that have been planted across Hokkaido and slowly a number of people being baptised. So yeah please pray OMF Japan as they continue working in in northern Japan. Please also pray for the people of Japan, that god will work in their hearts and it will bring many opportunities for evangelism.


DSCF5750We’ve also settled into the local Japanese Church Nagayama in Asahikawa. The local pastor Yamamoto sensei and 4 other ladies hosted a dinner with us, which was a traditional Japanese meal of somen noodle. More importantly we did some worship in both Japanese and English and similar in-group prayer. Afterwards Isaac and Anita shared their testimony with the team, which was deeply encouraging for the Japanese Christian.

Pastor Yamamoto noted, “Even though we have met for the first time, through God it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time”

Please pray for us that both the local church and the mission team can develop strong relationships with one and another and we can encourage each other.

The Dumb Stuff

So far as a team we have learned that convenience store is DA BEST THING EEEVVVVAAAAAARRRRRRR. Food is good, its convenient and etc. Other members of the group are also becoming addicted to the drinks from the vending machines, which are vastly superior and cheaper than the machines back in Sydney. Isaac is driving the whole team insane with his puns. Naomi, Sam and Calvin have started to catch onto his dreadful habit. I fear that this team will not last til the end of this week. GG. We’ve also experienced as a group going to a public bathhouse. For some of us this is the first time and others it isn’t, but overall no one was afraid and it was a good time. Boys became men and girls stayed as girls. For instance Naomi poured ice-cold water over Anita while she was in the bath while the men just enjoyed each other’s company. Highly recommend to others if you visit Japan, you should try out either the public bathhouse or an Onsen! Also Dave didn’t realise that Yamamoto Sensei was driving him for like 5 minutes in the car, lolololololol. vlcsnap-2015-07-22-22h53m14s187

The Best Moment

Everyone: “parties, parties, parties, I love parties”

Dave: “I’m glad you know the story, but do you know the main point?” DSCF5740

– Phillip

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