Day 9 Be prayerful always

One of the things that this church in Nagayama has made a huge impression on me is their diligence and commitment toIMG_1077 pray. They come together every morning at 6.30am to pray for the needs of the church, evangelism, Japan and individual people in the church. On Wednesday (today) they also come together at 10am and 7pm to pray! That puts our prayer life to dead! It has been encouraging to see their passion to come together to pray. It’s something that I’m rebuked of and I’m sure that you guys back home are as well. You see, this is only a church of around 30 adults. And yet their desire to pray is just awesome.

In the arvo, Pastor Yamamoto shared about the history of the church in the Nagayama area, and how the church has gone through some rough patches in the past, and yet God has been faithful. Their vision in 2020 is to plant another three churches in North Japan and have 50 regular members in their congregation. Please continue to pray that God would bless their work and that more and more people in Japan would come to know Jesus.

IMG_1131We then visited a Japanese museum that showed the history of the Nagayama area and showed some really cool stuff about the area. A lot of the info was in Japanese so they had to translate it. Then we visited a couple of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines which was pretty dark spiritually We prayed together that God would open the hearts of the Japanese people who are caught up with this idolatry and to turn back to the true and living God- Jesus Christ. It’s sad to see that people have been seduced by the god of this age to write prayer requests for good health or good exam marks and offer them up to an unknown god.

Things to pray for:

-Give thanks for the faithful prayers of the people at the Nagayama church. May God bless the labours of their hand.

-That God would take the veil away from the hearts of the Japanese people and that they may come to know the true and living God.

-The team is getting pretty tired as we woke up early for the 6.30am prayer meeting. Pray for strength and energy.

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