A parking spot story and Bon Voyage

This morning I went to work and was worried about all day public parking spaces. If I missed out, I would have to park far away which meant that I would be going to the airport later. As I drove past a line of cars, praying for a spot, God graciously reserved one last spot for me! God is wonderful.

By the way, we all got to the airport on time.

We sent the Thailand team out this evening from Sydney airport.

There are three team members awaiting in HK to join the team. Then they will travel to Bangkok and then change and make their way down to the south.

-Please pray for safety for the team as they travel.

-They’ll be tired when they arrive, so pray for sustenance and energy to acclimatize to the hot and humid conditions in Thailand.

-Pray for good communication and a humble servant heart

-Pray for softened hearts as they share the good news of Jesus in their words and deeds

Team photo

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