Day 4 (11 Dec) – Caroling in Bang Chak market

We divided into 2 teams, one team to help in adventure camp which was led by Jeff and the other team to go to help Belinda.

Belinda and Jeff are missionaries for 15 years in Thailand. They have 3 teenagers as well as an adopted son -Stephen. I have more opportunities to experience her  missionary’s life today.

It was a bit of adventure to go on the  public transport. We have Belinda waiting for us at the destination bus stop and a bit of fun communicating to the bus ticket seller.

Belinda showed us the things we need to do. Hannah was a quick thinker and observant person as always. Hannah, Angel, Nathalie were our bakers, they baked brownies and cookies to sell in market. The rest were packing different gifts for schools, hospital etc. Some of us learnt to make animal balloons and had great fun.

We went to Belinda’s local markets and we set up a stall. We sold cookies and brownies as well as sang Christmas carols. Yes we sang in Thai.

I thank God for missionaries like Jeff and Belinda for their 15 years of faithful service in Thailand. Spending time at Belinda’s home to help, seeing her juggle with different things come along.

I am amazed with her flexibility, effectiveness in managing all the logistics as well as looking after Stephen, her adopted 3 years old son. Her easy going personality made me feel at ease as well.

Despite busily instructing us what to do, she also needed to look after Stephen still with patience and smile, that was something I would take away with and ask God to help me to develop that character.

In the market, we sang Christmas carols , sold our cookies and brownies, we were to interact with people and kids liked the animal balloons.

Although we could not speak their language, with smile and body language, we were able to communicate. The lady who was selling fruit opposite to our store, she gave me extra mandarins. Despite her small gesture, I could feel her kindness.

Talking with Belinda during dinner time and experience in the market, it seems to me that making Jesus known to Thai people is a slow process and patient journey for Christians and missionaries.

Please pray for the gospel work and seed planted will grow and prosper in the right time. Pray for Thai people’s heart will open for the gospel.

Pray for missionaries friendships with locals and opportunities to share gospel.

By Tracy

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