13 Dec Reflection

We spent our morning with Pak Phanang church. It is a small church but everyone is involve in serving. I am encouraged by a little girl who helped with the AV system. She and her sisters serve the church quietly as they were told.

Jeff told me that this church does not have a pastor but a Christian brother “Dig” who takes up the preaching role. Whatever he reads and understands from the bible he would preach.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit who will guide “Dig” to understand his words and preach His word faithfully.

We went to a small village after lunch at church.
The village is quite isolated. The houses are really basic. We visited two families. They are friendly towards Christians. One family owns a simple convenient stall close to the beach side. We spent some time at the beach side while Sue and Belinda chatted with the lady.

We drove back to the village afterwards and visited another family.
We sat on the ground outside their pergola. The man was really hospitable. He made a lot of effort making us ice cold cordial drinks by cutting the ice and present it in 2 nicest glasses. We thought he gave us the best things and he brought out more humble basic cups later for the rest of our team.

I felt a bit overwhelmed by what I saw. How could this village be reached? The work is plentiful but labourers are few. This place seems hidden away from other parts of Pak Phanang.

Please pray that God will open doors and Open the villagers’ hearts to see Jesus.
Please pray that God will continue to raise labourers to work in this area .

By Tracy

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