Day 4 – Reflections from Pak Niet Market Outreach (11 December 2015)

The Local Outreach Team (9 of us) went to Pak Niet Market to help our missionary Belinda with her outreach stall. Locals came over to try a cookie or brownie, or look at a Christian DVD or book from the stall. We made balloon animals to give out to kids and sang a few Christmas carols. Some locals were very shy, but others stopped to chat. It was a stretch to use our very limited Thai, but it really helped us connect with the locals. Everyone who bought something from our stall were given a gospel tract.

We were exhausted from being in the heat, but were encouraged by the story of a Thai Christian, who went looking for a church a year after she’d heard ‘Joy to the World’ sung at her school.

God can use even a Christmas carol sung by strangers, to bring someone to Himself. As short term workers, we may not ever see the fruit of our time here, but we trust that salvation belongs to our God, and He will continue to be at work here long after we return home. Please pray that God will cause seeds sown through carols and tracts to bear fruit here in Thailand.

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