Day 1 Mission Blog

Welcome to day one of our mission trip. After an early start to the day we arrived at the Sydney airport safely with many thanks to Edward Yu who dropped Carrie,Kim,Van,Leander  and myself at the departure terminal. With plenty of time up our sleeves or so we thought we proceeded to clear security only for Van to be selected(randomly so we were told) for the full body scan. We were then held up while his bag was xrayed a few times for what they thought was a pair of scissors and actually there was a pair in one of the many pockets of his backpack that he forgot to remove from his last fishing trip. After all that we managed to board the plane and arrive safely in Manila. The traffic didn’t disappoint with it taking us over an hour to travel the 7 km to our hotel where Betty was waiting for us and making arrangements for the following day. As we checked into our rooms we noticed one of our pieces of hand luggage was missing. Trying to remember where it had been left, a couple of phone calls were made by the hotel receptionist while we prayed. We were amazed that we had located it in the lost and found at the airport. How amazing it is, that some honest person picked up the luggage and reported it. We felt blessed and protected by His Almighty power.

The Prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16) Jesus has clothed us with the garment of righteousness.

By Cheryl

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