Day 5

Day 5

image2We woke up in a glorious morning after a good night’s rest.Thanks
to God for his beautiful creation. Our team was looking forward to mission field work seeing patients. After a simple breakfast,we headed back off  to Trece Martires.

The clinic started with a group of scholars singing hymns to the patients waiting to be registered. A local man gave a testimony in their Tagalog language, followed by a health talk on what a good diet should consist of. Then we set off to treat patients.

Betty’s patient who had a large abscess in the abdomen returned today after spending time in a hospital for more treatment yesterday. Unfortunately, the treatment he received (in a private hospital!) fell way short according to our standards and Betty can only do her best with the limited equipment available. Please pray for this patient as we depend on God for healing his wound which can be fatal.

image3Kim had a patient who heard about our mission and he was willing to make the effort to travel 8 hours to see us as he cannot afford dental treatment! This shows how needy these people are who cannot afford dental care…Kim had to extract 10 teeth for him! We are humbled and encouraged that the news of this mission spread far and wide.

We are thankful that Leo arrived safely today and let’s just say he had a most warm reception from the people here!


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