Day 8

We woke this morning to a day of rest and reflected on what had been achieved  at Trece Martires. After completing our 6 clinics the medical team had treated  291 patients and the dental team 186 patients with 430 extractions and 54 fillings in total. Once again god has provided us with his love and wisdom to treat these people who repeatedly expressed their gratitude to all the members of our team.
Our day of rest,well it depends on your definition of the word “rest” saw us exploring one of Manila’s largest shopping malls,Greenbelt which had 5 connecting complexes with a huge selection of shops and eateries. Lunch was the first stop, we chose a restaurant serving local filipino dishes.
It was lovely to walk outside amongst the tropical gardens where we found an outside chapel,organic garden and playground. I think we all really appreciated a day that didn’t  revolve around a time schedule. The day finished with us studying James 2:14-26 about Faith and Deeds.  As a  believer,God has prepared good deeds for us to do  and it is up to us to respond to His call.

Cheryl Dixon

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