Day 13

image3This is our last day of clinic in Marilao. We have had our fair share of nervous patients today- criers, screamers and the close to fainters! There were patients with TB, patients with Hep B and the wanna B’s (that is, being a dentist- Cheryl extracted 19 teeth today!)

From the flood last night one of the  BL staff’s brother had a bad injury, and Dr Betty had to stitch him up. Another BL volunteer told us that he managed to save the family’s prized possession- 3 pigs from being drowned (their means of living). We were all so happy for him.

Here are some interesting statistics to share: The doctors saw a total of 508 patients and the dentists saw 346 patients resulting in 882 extractions and 106 fillings!

image1For the past week in Marilao, we have been separated from the BL staff and volunteers during meal time due to lack of floor space. We had used their dining area as the medical clinic and they set up a dining area for our team upstairs. Tonight, being our last dinner here, and as we have packed all our equipment, they managed to put 3 tables side by side and it was very special for all us to share a meal together again. Afterwards, we celebrated with ice cream and this included a flavour we have not tried before- avocado macchiato. The highlight was everyone around the table giving their most memorable moments of the week. The youth enjoyed being treated by us and despite having to miss school, they really enjoyed each other’s fellowship. The staff said they learnt a lot being around us, watching how we treat patients and therefore learning how to take care of themselves better. We thanked them for working so hard to make us comfortable and their eagerness to share the gospel with others. It was a privilege to work together for God’s glory no matter what role we played.


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