Thailand Mission 2015 Dinner

Hi again!

The whole team started at 3pm and worked through the afternoon getting ready for the dinner. We had around 121 guests so it was a huge turnout. Thanks to everyone who came to hear what we have to share and its very encouraging to have this great partnership in the Gospel all for His glory! Massive thanks to the Kitchen team also as without them it would have been a huge task to cook for so many guests.

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Vaccination & Team Bonding

Hiya all (สวัสดีทุก)!

Today is the last day of our vaccinations (woot!) Some of us have had Hep A, B, DTP, Typhoid and last but not least Rabies (3 in total!).

We are all relieved with the jabs over now and looking forward to go out to Cabramatta for an outing.

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After a bit of fact finding/treasure hunt, we built up a nice appetite for lunch. Wait a minute! A Thai shop here! Plenty to look to when we arrive at the end of the year.

Well, we had great fun together. Please continue to pray for our team’s preparations. Till next time, good bye (Lā)