Day 10: Planting churches

Hi all, this is Jimmy and Vivian.

Thanks for your continuous prayers, that are so important and encouraging to us.  Time flies, today is day 10 already. Thank God that we have built up good relationships with each other.  We two are also promoted to the team’s dad and mum,  (grandpa and grandma to little Sam, haha!).  No worries, all our sons and daughters are still in good shapes.

IMG_1209Today, we had a 3 hour return long drive to city of Nayoro to visit a church plant. It seemed that everyone wasn’t used to being cooped up in car for long hours, and therefore we felt bit tired.  But thanks to Philip, Calvin and Isaac who kept on talking and telling stories.

Kito Sensei of the church plant in Nayoro gave us a very detailed explanation of how Japan churches developed.  One thing that impressed us was the difference between the church revival of Japan and Korea.  In World War II, the Japan government censored all churches messages and forced churches to agree that Buddhism and Shintoism are acceptable.  Moreover, the government put the emperor above God.  Many churches compromised to avoid imprisonment.  Although their lives were saved, the churches declined because of compromising the truth.  On the other hand, the Korean churches didn’t compromise and many people lost their lives.  However, the churches blossomed as a result.

Kito Sensei said that the Japanese churches today have learned their lesson, and hence are speaking out when the government are trying to change the law to allow Japan to go to war. This has implications for us back in Australia as well. During the Edo period, a person must die if he chose to be a Christian and also caused the lives of their neighbours.   That is why in Japan, people hesitate to be different from their neighbours.  It illustrates the urgency of spreading the gospel in Japan.

IMG_1214After the fruitful sharing by Kito Sensei, we took a short visit to Olympic skiing ground.  That is for professional training nowadays. We are going back to the church plant this coming Sunday to join their service where Dave will preach and Phillip and Naomi share their testimonies.

On the return trip there was some minor car troubles. Thanks to Isaac who prayed immediately and we arrived to church safely.  Yamamoto Sensei took the van to the mechanic and seemed it is safe to use.  Praise the Lord.

 Prayer points:

  1.  Pray for the churches of Japan to be the light and salt in the society to speak out the truth.
  2.  Pray for Dave, Philip and Naomi, that their sharing on Sunday can encourage all the church members.
  3.  Pray for the recovery of the team members
  4. Pray for the van will be in good condition that doesn’t affect our coming itinerary.
  5.  Praise God that there was rain yesterday that could cool us down.


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