Day 11: Aussie Aussie Hoi hoi hoi!

Yesterday we spent the time debriefing our time in Japan. It was a very encouraging time to affirm each other, look at highlights and think of how things could be done better- if God willingly we hold another one next year.

DSCF6091Last night and early this morning, we were all busily preparing for the Aussie Party that we had today. We baked 100 ANZAC biscuits, lamingtons, and cooked a sausage sizzle. We prayed that God would bring lots of new people to the party. Initially there were only 4 people that turned up and we thought- oh no. Many of the church members did ask their friends but they had things on. But the party still needed to go ahead!

We started with a quick welcome, then got our dancing boots on with bush dancing the heal toe polka. We learnt the steps and everyone had a ball of a time, but were exhausted by the end of it. We then taught them some English skills in how to order food. The dialogue went little like this:

20150802165704Hello, how are you? (Well thank you, how are you?)

What would you like? (I would like a sausage sizzle, lamington, ANZAC biscuit and a cup of Milo please)

Would you like anything else? (No thank you)

That will be $25 please (thank you)

We went around practicing it in which they will use to order the food from the café. While this was happening another 10 plus others rocked up and joined us.

DSCF6107We also had an Aussie culture quiz teaching them cool stuff about Australia. We had the café and the new people had to order food. We had great conversations and they enjoyed the food very much!

Although the numbers were less than expected, we were encouraged that those who did come and were able to hear Naomi share her testimony of how God saved her though his grace and has given her true worth, hope and meaning in life.

Things to pray for:

-Please continue to pray that the seeds plated were grow and bear good fruit

-Pray that we’d keep in contact with some of the members from church

-Pray that the church would continue to have opportunities to share Jesus with their friends

-We head off again to Nayoro church (which is a 1.5 hr drive) that we’d get their safely as the car had some mechanical issues. Jimmy and Vivian left today to head back to Australia for work, so Hoi Yan is the only driver.

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