Final day of mission: So long farewell Japan

AsJQbFU6CELpKDTS9RLjWBKKO4XcJoi1Z52kHYddUcdUOn our final day we again visited the new church plant in Nayoro. Thank you for your prayers as we got to Nayoro which is 1.5 hrs away safely. We weren’t sure as to how many people there’d be at church as there’s usually only 3 regular members and many of them are irregular! But as we pulled up to the church, there were several cars parked and a tiny church that was bustling with hype and excitement. Although there were only about 10 people there, God was working in powerful ways through this new church plant (about a year and half old). Dave again preached from Isaiah 2:1-4 about the ingathering of the nations, challenging the people to be missional wherever they are; while Phillip shared his testimony. We shared church lunch together over homemade Japanese curry.

DSCF6119Although a much smaller church than the Nagayama church and even smaller than EFCA in Sydney, we know that will do amazing things through this small congregation of the saints. Please pray that God would raise up a new pastor for this church as the current pastor is planning to leave next year wishing to plant another church somewhere else.

For the team, it has been a rewarding time to bond together, be challenged to take forth His gospel to whoever and to wherever. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers through this time. We’ve been challenge to not let these last couple of weeks be something of a distant memory , but to keep the fire of being missional wherever we are- whether that be at uni or work or around the community.

It’s a challenge for each one of us and including you to be a Christian wherever you are and to hold out the gift of life- the gospel. Let’s all be challenged to pray for at least two unbelievers this year with the hope that they may come to know the true and living God.

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