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IMG_3843This morning the team left OMF headquarters in Manila to travel by van to Marilao, where we begin the second half of our medical/dental mission work. Praise the Lord that the expressway construction from Manila to Marilao meant that the trip only took 45 mins instead of the usual 90 mins!

Marilao is another poor part of Philippines where living conditions are very basic (see photo). The team spent a few hours setting up with the Bukang Liwayway team members before being treated to a very healthy lunch.

Our first clinic started with a health talk on managing simple ear problems by Leo, and between 2-5 pm the team saw 38 medical patients and 27 dental patients. We also treated the staff members as well (Van did his best to calm his patient down … See photo!).

IMG_3850One of the issues we encountered was regarding the ongoing care of patients with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. We provided medications for 2 weeks, but thereafter the patients generally cannot afford to buy and supply medications for themselves in the long term. Therefore we are working with the Bukang Liwayway team here to set up a program to provide ongoing medications for those in need, with ongoing follow up programs to ensure compliance and monitor their health. At the same time these patients will be invited to attend a monthly bible study to help them in their spiritual lives. Please pray that this program will come to fruition!

IMG_3854Kim saw an unfortunate dental patient in his 20s, who was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago. He came to see the dentists because of his ongoing toothache, but as Kim examined him it was very obvious that he had a significant fracture of his mandible, which left a large segment of his mandible unstable. In Australia he would require extensive mandibular surgery and reconstruction. We advised him to go to the local general hospital, and we pray that God will provide the care he needs.

Dinner was followed by the young staff and volunteers showing us their choreography and dance moves for their local Christian songs. We will probably keep those photos to ourselves!

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