Teaching at a local Primary School

On our 2nd day I teamed up with Alice to be teachers. Thank God for the ideas and good team work along the way. We managed to run the class time for 1.5 hours with year 3 students without much preparation and only with a half hour notification from local missionaries. We were on our own most of the time.

I am so impressed by the students’ behaviour and politeness. Thailand is called land of smiles and I could feel the students’ sweet smiles. It was fun and amazing to hear how the rest of the team went.

By Tracy & Alice

Josh and I were teaching year 2 children. Initially they couldn’t understand what we were saying when we introduced our names but slowly they understood and even learnt to introduce their name to us! The children were fun to be around with in teaching them numbers, Colours and the heads and shoulders song. Some were rowdy, 2 second attention span, sleepy and naughty but they really loved us having around! 🙂

By Alex and Josh

Turns out 10 year olds actually know a lot of animals, including hamsters and camels! One could question whether they were teaching us Thai or we were teaching them English 😛

We played fruit salad to finish up and when one kid was upset, they put aside winning to make sure the kid was okay. Praise God for the love shown by these kids in a country where God’s love isn’t widely known.

By Hannah & Ellen

What do we do with 30 active Year 5 Thai students for 1 1/2 hours? Stephen and I played games with them, and taught some English songs. One song was We wish you a merry Christmas. Stephen was able to share the Christmas story with the help of an interpreter, and explain why Christmas is a happy time. What a privilege to be able to share with the children about a God who loves them and sent His Son Jesus to save them.
Praise God for Chusin School, set up by Thai Christians with the vision of sharing Jesus with Thai families.

By Charissa

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