Seeing God at work in the Hua Thanon Market


This afternoon, I went to the local market with OMF missionary Andreas and Ivan, Tracy and Nathalie. I followed Ivan and Andreas initially in handing out biscuits and pamphlets to local businesses. Andreas knew these market stall owners and they were friendly in accepting the gifts. An owner was robbed by burglars and was distressed and asked us to pray about it. I was surprised by this and Andreas told us she was the second person in the market asking for prayers.

We switched with Tracy and Nathalie and manned the store and started handing out Christmas leaflets. It was hard just saying “churn” (which means ‘invitation’ in Thai), tell people I am from “Australya” and to barely remember all these Thai phrases including “I don’t understand you” that Andrea taught but I recall from previous meetings that serving and loving the people is important.

I witnessed the market had so much work to do and I was touched by what Andreas plans to do with the market, with a sign on the ministry centre overlooking the market and a modified tuk tuk (food truck) selling pizza. I saw how God is working here in the market.

By Alex

We went to the local market and have a store with Andy (Andreas). Andy is a foreigner from Europe with wife and children. He has been in Thailand about 2 years.

The store is quite simple. CDs, Christians books and free Christian tracts were placed on the foldable table. We have 4 ppl from the team with Andy. We handed out Christmas invites for people passing by our store.

I felt mute at the stores. I only could speak one word “chern” which means “please” when I gave out Christmas invites and smiled. A lady wanted to ask me something. I could only smile and didn’t know what she asked. I felt a bit helpless suddenly.

There was a girl waiting for her mum next to the store. I gave her a Christmas invite and a Christian tract. Nathalie said the girl was reading the tract. We prayed for her and I gave another Christian book to her later on. Prayed that God uses those Christian materials to lead her to know him.

We have an opportunity to hand out cookies and Christmas message booklets to different store owners who Andy knows.

I was touched by Andy’s perseverance for serving our Lord in the market every Thursday. He made friends with the store owners and has an openness for talking to people. Please pray that God will bless his market ministry and draw more people to know him and people will response to the Christmas invites.

By Tracy

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