Day 3 (10 Dec) by Ellen



A memorable moment:

– To prep for the Adventure Camp at Krabi beach tomorrow, Annie, Lennox, Alice, Joshua, Steven and I were required to cook 10kg of tomatoes into a bolognese sauce to feed the 60 Year 7 students who will be attending the camp. The camp will be an outdoor activities camp where students also get to practice their English on us. Never before have we ever even seen so many tomatoes, let alone cook it! Also learnt a nifty tip from Daniel when slicing onions – breathe through your mouth only and you won’t cry! Method has now been tried and tested by the team and happy to report – success!


Something I learnt:

– When planning for the camp, it became clear that although there may not always be a plan that we can follow, we can take comfort in the fact that God has a plan and will see that it is done through us. Although we only had half a day to plan activities for a two day camp, it was clear that God provides and with the little resources our team had, we were able to make 10kg of spaghetti bolognese sauce and design a scavenger hunt game around Krabi peninsula with a treasure box prize, made up of the goodies we brought over from Australia!


Something to pray for:

– Please pray for the children at that camp that their eyes, ears and hearts will be open and they will be able to sense God’s love through the beauty of his creation, the activities we run with them and the conversations each of us will have with them. Pray for the safety of the team as they conduct activities such as obstacle courses, abseiling and caving and that even despite the little Thai we know, we will persevere and develop good relationships with these children.

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